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Jumprope Games Small Single Rope

( Jumprope, Physical Contest, Singing and Song )

1. Standing in one place the jumper turns the rope forward and jumps on the toes of both feet for from ten to twenty-five counts. Prolonged jumping beyond this number to the point of exhaustion should not be done.

2. Standing in one place jump five counts on one foot and then five on the other.

3. Jump as in 1 and 2 but turn the rope backward instead of forward.

4. Running and skipping the rope turned forward.

5. Running and skipping the rope turned backward.

6. Running and skipping one player in the rope and two others running and turning the rope. The one who is skipping repeats the verse —

Butterfly butterfly turn around
Butterfly butterfly touch the ground
Butterfly butterfly show your shoe
Butterfly butterfly twenty-three to do.

7. All of the above with two jumpers each turning one end of the rope the inner hands resting on each others shoulders.

8. As in 7 but with two jumpers one standing behind the other instead of side by side a hand of the rear jumper being placed on a hip of the one in front. Each turns one end of the rope.

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