If you know any games, feel free to submit them here. I cant guarantee looking through entries more than once a week though, so please be patient! thanx.

Please remember, these are primarily real world, social, physical, luddite type games that dont involve playstation^10, xbox, flash games, console games, or any other type of duff-sitting, couch potato, or computer hybrid interface. So yes, the Wii is out, also. Sorry!

6 Responses to “InBox”

  1. circball

    CIRCBALL – A simulated basketball game using a circular court and a cluster of ring baskets involving a mixture of competitive, interactive and cooperative game of play. More info at

  2. John
  3. Daniel

    One person is blindfolded and stands in front of an open door with her hands tied behind her back so she can’t block the doorway by stretching her arms to either side. The other player must try to walk through the door without making contact with her and she must try to stop him. If he gets through, he scores a point. If she stops him, she scores a point. They play until one of them scores 3 points and wins.

  4. Orange Necking

    A line of several people (quantity varies) have their hands behind their backs (tied or untied, as long as the hands remain there). On one end of the line, a person is holding an orange with their neck. When the whistle blows, the person with the orange under their neck must then pass the orange to the person next to them in line WITHOUT using their hands. This creates a situation where the two people are transferring the orange using solely their neck and body. This continues from person to person until the last person has the orange. The last person will then proceed to drop the orange in a bucket or box, again, without using their hands. This game is primarily used in high school “Battle of the Classes” competitions.

  5. Siena

    Cops And Robbers
    split into teams: Team 1 cops Team 2 are robbers
    the cops count to 100-150 together with their eyes shut, while they are doing that the robbers run away.
    when the cops are done the go try to catch the robbers; once caught they become cops.
    the last one to be caught chooses the next 2 or 3 cops.

  6. Joan Barford

    Three times around went our gallant ship: As a very young child, just getting used to the beach, two or three of us little ones were told to form a ring with Grandma in two or three feet of water. Singing the “3 times around” chorus, we circled, holding hands tightly, and were instructed to tumble to the “bottom of the sea” (With instructions to hold your breath, etc.) (I think the others had done it before.) I didn’t think much of this “game” but it certainly served it’s purpose – having my head below the surface never bothered me after that.