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Choreographed Games Skin The Goat

( Choreographed, Leapfrog, Physical Contest, Wrestling )

This is a game of leapfrog differing from Saddle the Nag in the gradual lengthening of the line of backs though there are similar features in the two games. The players in this game are not divided into opposing parties.

One player stands with his back against a wall or fence. Another player stoops with his head against the breast or stomach of this first player. A third player jumps upon the back thus made and tries to “crown” the player standing against the wall that is to place his hand on his head. The player who is making the “back” tries in every way (except by straightening up) to throw the player off his back and so prevent his crowning of the standing player. If the “back” succeeds in doing this the one whom he throws off takes his place behind this stooping player in the same general position grasping him around the waist and bending his head to one side or against the forward player thus lengthening the line of backs. Another player then jumps on the backs tries to make his way to the one who is upright and crown him. Any player who succeeds in crowning the upright player changes places with him the one winning who has done this the most times when the play ends.

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