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Game DB News: Call for Siggraph 2009 Social Game

( Game DB News )

It looks like SIGGRAPH 2009 is calling for some social game competition… networking, of course, being the goal. But why not throw in some chase, or tag, or team battles… Im a big fan of robbers and soldiers tag. You could theme it for the middle management crowd. Just a thought. HEY THEY DO IMPORTANT WORK! its true. Or maybe Run Sheep Run hide and seek, which is totally fun: team based hide and seek. The whole proposal is here [siggraph.org]. Probably the coolest thing about SIGGRAPH 2009 is its being held in New Orleans. Props go out, its usually pretty interesting. Its cool how conferences are adding more and more games to their lineups. It can only end well. Just avoid playing Dodgeball. Adults heal slower than kids.

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