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Defense and Attack Games Schoolroom Dodgeball

( Defense and Attack, Foursquare, Handball, Kickball, Physical Contest, Team Wars and Battle )

The players are evenly divided into two teams. One team takes its place around the outer edge of the room the players of the other team scatter through the aisles or seats which latter should be turned up if possible. The outer team tries to hit the inner team with the ball any player so hit taking his place in the outer team and joining in its play. The player who remains longest in the center is considered to have won.

Only a hit from a ball on the fly counts. A hit from a bounce does not put a player out. If a ball touches any part of the clothing or person it is considered a hit. If two players are hit by the same throw only the first one hit is considered out. Players may dodge the ball in any way. The ball is returned to the circle players by a toss from one of the inner team should it be out of reach of any player of the circle team.

If desired the hit players may leave the game instead of joining the outer circle. This leaves the teams intact and each then keeps a separate score.

If successive games be played the teams change places the inner players going to the circle and vice versa . The game may then be played in innings if desired each team to be given three minutes in the circle. One point is then scored against a team while in the center for every player hit and the team wins which has the smallest score at the end.

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