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Command and Response Games Run Sheep Run

( Command and Response, Hide and Seek, Hunting, Strategy, Team Wars and Battle )

This is a form of hide-and-seek but the hiding and the seeking are done by parties instead of individually each party acting under the direction of a captain. Any number of players may take part but from four to six on a side are perhaps best.

Two captains are chosen who in turn alternately choose players until all the players are divided into two parties. One party becomes a searching party (chosen by lot “holders ” or counting out between the captains) and remains at the goal while the other party goes out with its captain who directs the various individuals where to hide after agreeing with his party on a series of signals to be used as described below. When all are hidden this captain goes back to the searchers who at once start out on the hunt under the direction of their captain who may divide or dispose of his party as he sees fit. The captain of the hiding party remains with the searchers calling out signals to his hidden men which shall enable them to approach nearer to the goal by dodging from one hiding place to another always trying to keep out of sight of the searchers. Neither party however may run for the goal until its own captain shouts “Run sheep run ” The captain of the hiding party is generally the first one to give this signal and he does so whenever he thinks his men are well placed to make the goal. The captain of the searchers naturally gives the signal to his players as soon as he hears his competitor calling it as the game is won by the party of which one player first reaches the goal.

Should any member of the searching party catch sight of an opposing player before all run for the goal he tells his captain who at once shouts “Run sheep run ”

Any signals may be agreed on between the captain of the hiding party and his men the following are examples —

“Red ” meaning “Danger.”
“Green ” meaning “Go around the house to the left.”
“Blue ” meaning “Go around the house to the right.”
“Purple ” meaning “Stand still.”
“Yellow ” meaning “Keep on going in the same direction and get nearer to the goal.”

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