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BeanBag Games Tree Ball

( BeanBag, Football, Kickball, Physical Contest, Tag )

This game is a form of Ball Tag and may be played with any light-weight football or with a bag or sack filled with leaves or grass.

Each of the players but one chooses a tree as for the games CAT in the Corner or Ball CAT. The object of the game for the odd player is (1) to kick the ball so as to tag one of the tree men with it and (2) to secure a tree for himself which he may do when no one else has it. The object of the tree players should be not only to avoid the ball by dodging which may include running around the trees but they should also try to exchange places as frequently as possible their prowess in this way serving as an aggravation to the odd man. The game should be played where there is not much undergrowth and under such conditions may be very lively and full of sport.

This game may also be played with a hand ball or bean bag. This should be tossed instead of kicked. The game differs from Ball CAT in that the players are tagged by the ball while at their stations instead of while changing.

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