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Educational Games Penny Wise

( Educational, Guessing, Literature, Mystery, Pen and Paper )

Each player is provided with a bright new penny (of design prior to 1909) a piece of paper and a pencil. On the paper are written beforehand or to dictation the following requirements of course without the answers. The player wins who has the largest number of correct answers.

Find on the penny the following —

The name of a song.–America.
A privilege.–Liberty.
A part of Indian corn.–Ear.
A part of a hill.–Brow.
Something denoting self.–Eye (I).
Part of a door.–Lock (of hair).
A weapon of war.–Arrow.
An act of protection.–Shield.
A gallant.–Beau (bow).
A punishment.–Stripes.
Part of a plant.–Leaf.
A piece of jewelry.–Ring.
A nut.–Acorn.
A musical term.–Bar.
An occupation.–Milling.
A foreign fruit.–Date.
Trimming for a hat.–Feather.
What ships sail on.–Sea (C).
A perfume.–Scent (cent).
A religious edifice.–Temple.
A messenger.–One sent (cent).
A method of voting.–Ayes and Noes (eyes and nose).
A Chinese beverage.–Tea (T).
A gaudy flower.–Tulips (two lips).
Comfort.–Ease (E. E.).
A small animal.–Hare (hair).
A term of marriage.–United state.
An ancient honor.–Wreath.
One of the first families.–Indian.

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