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Baseball Games Line Zigzag Ii

( Baseball, Basketball, BeanBag, Choreographed, Handball, Kickball, Physical Contest, Relay Race, Team Wars and Battle, Tennis Ball, Volleyball )

In this form of zigzag ball the players are all in two ranks which comprise two competing teams rather than in groups of two ranks each as in the preceding game. The players of one team alternate with the players of the opposing team in each of the two ranks. The balls will cross in starting and repeatedly thereafter unless one should outdistance the other.

The players form in two ranks which face each other with five feet space between. The players in each rank should be from two to five feet apart. Each rank numbers off in twos the first player of one rank starting with number “one ” and the first player of the second rank starting with number “two.” The players stand so as to face each other directly instead of facing a space between the players of the opposite rank as in the previous form of this game. This will bring a Number One facing a Number Two all the way down the ranks. If desired the Numbers One may each tie a handkerchief on one arm to designate them though this help to memory detracts much from the alertness demanded and cultivated by the game as well as from its sport and may be dispensed with after players have become slightly familiar with the game.

The first player in each rank holds a ball. At a signal this is thrown to the first player of his own party in the opposite rank who as quickly as possible throws it to the second player of his party in the rank from which he received it etc.

For instance the starter who belongs to the Number One team will throw to the first Number One player opposite him this will be the second player in that rank. He in turn will throw to the second Number One player in the rank facing him this will be the third player in that rank. In other words the Number One party zigzags the ball between all of its members to the end of the line and back again to the front and simultaneously the Number Two party does the same thing with another ball. The party wins whose ball first gets back to the front.

After some practice more than one ball may be used in which case the last player in each party will have to hold the balls until the last one is received before starting them on their return journey.

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