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Educational Games Sketches

( Educational, Guessing, Literature, Memory, Pen and Paper )

The game here described for use with history may be used simply as a diversion in describing animals or any inanimate objects or it may be used to correlate with English (authors) picture study etc.

Each player is provided with a sheet of paper and pencil and writes a description of some historical character the object being to give a description that shall be perfectly truthful and yet puzzling or misleading for the other players who are to guess the identity of the character in the writers mind.

One player is called on to read his description. The other players may have the privilege of asking questions that may be answered by “Yes” or “No” only but it is considered much more of an honor to guess correctly without this assistance. The one guessing the character correctly reads his description next. A description for instance might read —

“The person whom I would describe was a very tall man very vigorous used an ax on occasion had much to do with legislators was widely known outside of his native country and has been the subject of many biographies.”

As this description would apply equally to Washington Lincoln Gladstone and several others who might be mentioned there is opportunity for considerable guessing before the right character be found.

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