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Baseball Games Line Zigzag Iii

( Baseball, Basketball, BeanBag, Choreographed, Handball, Kickball, Physical Contest, Relay Race, Team Wars and Battle, Tennis Ball, Volleyball )

The players are divided into groups which compete against each other. Each group is divided in turn into two ranks which stand facing each other at a distance of five feet the individual players being from two to five feet apart.

The players in each rank number off in twos beginning at the head with different numbers so that a Number One in each rank will stand opposite a Number Two in the opposite rank.

One or more balls are used and are thrown to alternate players Numbers One throwing to each other all down the line and the Numbers Two throwing to each other all the way back. There should be nothing to distinguish the players from one another each being dependent on his own memory and alertness to know to whom he is to throw the ball and from whom he is to receive it. The particular success of this game lies in having a very considerable number of balls in play at once. In this form the balls do not have to accumulate at the foot of the lines before being returned to the head as the last Number One player to receive the ball tosses it directly across to the last Number Two player who begins at once to zigzag it up the line.

The group wins which first succeeds in getting all of its balls back to the head of the line.

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