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Basketball Games Circle Club Bowls

( Basketball, Football, Tenpins, Volleyball )

The players divide into two parties and take their places in one large circle the players of one party alternating with those of the other. There should be five or six feet of space between each two players. Each player is provided with an Indian club.

The players of one party distinguish themselves and their clubs in some way as by tying a handkerchief around the arm and club.

The players having taken their places in the circle place each his own club on the floor behind him at a distance of two or three feet. The object of the game is to knock over the opponents clubs by rolling the ball on the floor and naturally to protect ones own clubs. Any player may start the game.

While the main form of play for the ball is to roll it it is permissible to bound the ball from one player to another and also permissible to knock over a club with a ball that bounds instead of rolling. It is not permissible to toss a ball from one player to another or to dislodge a club by a toss unless the ball should hit the floor and bound before it hits the club.

Whenever a club is dislodged the owner of the club must set it up again at once if he also has the ball he must set up the club before putting the ball again into play.

A point is scored by one party whenever one of the opponents clubs is dislodged whether it be knocked over by a ball or by its owner. The side wins which first makes a score of forty-nine points.

The game may also be played with two balls at once and this is always desirable for as many as twenty players.

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