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BeanBag Games Pass And Toss Relay Double Line

( BeanBag, Physical Contest, Relay Race, Running )

The players are divided into two equal groups which compete against each other. Each group is divided into two lines or ranks which stand facing each other. There should be from ten to twenty feet of space between the two ranks.

The game consists of passing a bean bag up one of these lines to the end when the last player runs across to the opposite line tossing the bag as he goes to the end man in that line who catches it and passes it down the line. The same play is performed at the other end the last player running across to the opposite line tossing the bag as he goes to the last player there. The lines move up or down one place each time a player runs across to the opposite rank. The game in detail will be as follows —

Number One has a bag and at a signal passes it down the line to Number Eight who runs across toward Number Nine tossing the bag to Number Nine as he does so. It must be tossed before he has gone halfway across the space between. Number Nine immediately passes the bag to Number Ten and so on up the line to the last player Number Sixteen. The moment that he receives the bag he runs across toward Number One in the opposite rank making a running toss as he does so. At the same time the entire line from Nine to Fifteen moves up one place to make room for Number Eight who should take his place at the foot of the line next to Number Nine. As soon as Number One receives the bag he passes it down the line to his neighbor Number Two and so on till it reaches the end of the line which at the same time should be moving down one place to make room for Number Sixteen who should take his place at the head of the line next beyond Number One.

This play is repeated until Number One reaches his original position again and the bag is passed to him there. Immediately on receiving it he should lift it high as a signal that the play is completed in his group. The group wins whose first player is first to do this.

The game may be made a little more definite by Number One having some distinguishing mark as a handkerchief tied on his arm.

When players have some proficiency in the game as prescribed they may play with two bags instead of one keeping both in play at once. In this form of the game the diagonal opposites start each a bag at the same time that is Number One and Number Nine. The game becomes thus just twice as rapid. The team wins whose Numbers One and Nine first succeed in both returning to their original positions where they should hold the bags aloft.

A score should be kept each team scoring two points for winning a game and one point for every time that its opponents bags touch the floor either through poor throwing or bad catching.

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