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Chase and Catch Games Arrow Chase

( Chase and Catch, Hunting, Relay Race )

This game is especially adapted to surroundings where a very devious chase may be given with many opportunities for the runners to go out of sight double back on their course etc. as in a village.

The players are divided into two parties. One of these parties each member having a piece of chalk starts out on a run over any route chosen by their leader. Every ten feet the runners must chalk a small arrow somewhere along their path the object of the hunting party being to overtake these runners discovering their course by the arrows. No attempt is made to get back to a goal as in many other games of chase.

The hunting party at the starting place counts two thousand to give the runners a full start and then pursues them. The runners will use all possible finesse in making it difficult to find their arrows although it is a rule of the game that the arrow must be in plain sight though not necessarily from the point of view of the course taken. It may be marked on the farther side of a post stone etc. or at a considerable height or near the ground but never under a ledge or where it might not be seen plainly by any one standing in front of it.

The runners will naturally take a course that will eventually bring them back to the starting point the chasers however trying to overtake them before they can accomplish this.

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