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Choreographed Games Hunt The Fox

( Choreographed, Hunting, Running )

The players stand in two parallel lines or files facing to the front with about five feet distance between the files and considerable distance between each two players in a file so that the runners may have space to run between them. The head player of one file is a fox and the head player of the opposite file the hunter.

At a signal the fox starts to run winding in and out from one side to the other of his file until he reaches the bottom when he turns and comes up the opposite file. The fox is not obliged to run between each two players but may skip any number that he wishes and choose his own track. The hunter must follow in exactly the same trail being obliged should he make a mistake to go back to the point at which he diverged from the path of the fox. If the fox succeeds in getting back to the head of the second file without being caught he is considered to have escaped and takes his place at the foot of his own file. Should he be caught by the hunter he changes places with the latter the hunter going to the foot of the foxs file and the fox taking the hunters original place at the head of his file. The second player in the foxs file who should have moved up to the front to keep the lines even is then fox for the next chase.

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