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BeanBag Games Bean Bag Ring Throw

( BeanBag, Marble Coin Pebble and Jack, Physical Contest )

This game may be played with bean bags or when out of doors especially at the seashore with small blocks of wood stones or shells. The players should be divided into groups of equal numbers which compete against each other. A small ring should be drawn on the ground or floor measuring from twelve to eighteen inches in diameter one ring opposite each group of players who should be lined up in single file. The leader of each row should toe a starting line drawn across the ground at from ten to fifteen feet from the row of circles. Each row should be provided with six bean bags or other objects for throwing as indicated above.

At a signal the leader of each row throws each of his bags in succession toward the circle and scores one point for each bag that lands within the circle. Any bag that touches the line does not count. The player then takes up his bags and runs back to the rear of the line giving the bags as he passes to the front player of his row who should have moved up to the starting line. These second players in turn all begin throwing on a signal. The line wins which has the highest score when all have thrown.

It is advisable to have some one to act as scorer for all of the lines though it is practicable for the first player in each line to act as scorer for his line.

IN THE SCHOOLROOM.–When this game is played in the schoolroom a circle should be drawn on the floor near the front blackboard opposite each aisle across the end of each aisle and even with the front row of desks should be drawn a throwing line. The game should start with the six bean bags on each front desk. At a signal the front pupil in each row steps forward to the throwing line and throws the six bags in succession for his circle. Each bag that lands fully within the circle scores one point for him. No score is made for a bag that touches a line. He then steps to the blackboard in front of his aisle and writes down his score then gathers up the bags places them on the front desk and takes his seat. When he is seated the player next behind him steps forward to the throwing line and repeats the play or if desired the next row of players across the room may wait for the teachers signal for doing this as the game is played for a score and not on time limits.

The row wins which has the highest score when each of its players has thrown.

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