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Defense and Attack Games Single Court Foursquare

( Defense and Attack, Foursquare, Handball )

Foursquare is a physical ball game similar combining elements of volleyball, kickball, and dodgeball. Its played in a four square quadrant which are ranked from one to four, four generally being the position of most authority. Sometimes, the player in the fourth square and highest ranking position can change the game’s rules at the beginning of each round by calling a style of gameplay or not allowing certain types of gameplay, like double-taps, underhand-only, and other types of play.

The foursquare player location in the highest numbered square begins the game by serving the ball from the outside corner of the square. The ball must bounce once in the servers own square before entering another players square. Players must let the ball bounce once in their own square, and then return the ball in the same method as the server. Balls are similar to kickballs and dodgeballs, being light rubber and with good bounce. The play must only use their hands to hit, serve, or return the ball. Carrying or holding or catching the ball are all penalties and forfeits.

Once the ball touches the play surface in another players square, that player must continue by hitting it into any other square. The ball continues to be hit back and forth between squares until a player makes a forfeit or penalty, and gets eliminated by leaving the square.

The rest of players move up to their next highest squares number, and another (or the recently eliminated) player joins the game in the lowest square (one). If there are more than four players foor a square, the eliminated players just wait in line for their turn to re-enter the game.

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