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Basketball Games Dodgeball

( Basketball, Choreographed, Circle and Breakthrough, Foursquare, Kickball, Physical Contest )

This game is a very popular gymnasium or playground game. An informal mode of play is here described. For match games between competing teams more strict athletic procedure is necessary and three such forms of the game follow.

The players are divided into two even groups. One group forms a circle (this need not be marked on the ground). The larger the circle the more sport in the game. The other group stands within the circle scattered promiscuously. The object of the game is for the circle men to hit the center men with a basket ball the center men dodging to evade this. They may jump stoop or resort to any means of dodging except leaving the ring. Any player hit on any part of his person at once joins the circle men. The last player to remain in the center is considered the winner. The groups as originally constituted then change places for the next game the center men becoming circle players and the circle men going to the center.

There is no retaliatory play of the ball by the center players they merely dodge it. The ball is returned to the circle either by a toss from a center man or by a circle man stepping in for it if it should not roll or bound within reach. When two center men are hit by one throw of the ball only the first one hit leaves the center.

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