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Call and Response Games Cross Questions

( Call and Response, Educational, Literature, Strategy )

All but one of the players sit in two rows facing each other those directly opposite each other being partners. The odd player walks around the rows behind the others asking questions of any player facing him from the farther row. The question must be answered not by the player addressed but by his partner or vis-a-vis who sits with his back to the questioner.

Any player answering a question addressed directly to him or failing to answer one addressed to his partner or giving an incorrect answer to a question changes places with the questioner or pays a forfeit as may have been decided on beforehand.

FOR THE SCHOOLROOM.–When played in the schoolroom the adjacent rows should form a group and face each other so as to leave free aisles between the groups in which the questioners may walk as shown in the diagram of “Old Man Tag.”

The game may be made to correlate with almost any subject in the school curriculum the questioner asking for instance for capital cities boundaries mountains etc. for geography for dates or the names of heroes in great events for history or even for brief problems in mental arithmetic.

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