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Call and Response Games What Is My Thought Like

( Call and Response, Educational, Guessing, Literature, Strategy )

The players are seated in a circle or any convenient group. One of the number decides upon a “thought” that is he thinks of some person object or abstraction without telling the others what it is. He then asks of each in turn “What is my thought like ” Each answers anything he chooses. The first player then declares what his thought was and asks of each “Why is–(naming the object he thought of) like–(whatever such player answered) ” Each must find some likeness however absurd or pay a forfeit. For instance the answers around the circle might be “Your thought is like an umbrella ” “like Napoleon ” “Pinafore ” “sadness ” “my necktie ” “a rose ” etc. The questioner then says “I thought of a lead pencil. Why is a pencil like an umbrella ” “Because it is oftenest black.” The pencil may be like Napoleon because it can make a mark like a rose because it is sometimes cut etc. If any one happens to answer to the first question “a pencil” (or whatever was thought of) he also must pay a forfeit.

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