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Educational Games Planting A Garden

( Educational, Guessing, Literature, Mystery, Pen and Paper )

Each player is provided with a sheet of paper and a pencil. The game consists in one player writing down something that he has planted and the next player stating what came up. Anything may be planted though the questioner must have in mind something that could come up from what he writes. He must sign his initials. The names of the plants that come up must bear some direct relation punning or otherwise to the things planted.

For example a player writes “I planted a kitten what came up ” The paper is handed to the next player who writes “kitty willows.”

After the questions are written the papers are collected and redistributed and each writes an answer to the question he has drawn. They are then collected again and the hostess reads the questions and answers. Any question not answered must be replied to by the player who wrote it. Examples follow —

1. Plant an angry wise man what will come up –Scarlet sage.
2. Plant a box of candy what will come up –Candytuft.
3. Cupids arrow what will come up –Bleeding heart.
4. Some steps.–Hops.
5. Days months and years.–Thyme.
6. Christmas Eve.–Star of Bethlehem.
7. Orange blossoms.–Bridal wreath.
8. A sermon.–Jack in the pulpit.
9. Cuff on the ear.–Box.
10. Grief.–Weeping willow.
11. Cinderella at midnight.–Ladys slipper.
12. A ship that has nowhere to go.–Portulaca (port you lack ah ).
13. Star spangled banner and Union Jack.–Flags.
14. Claws and a roar.–Tiger lilies.
15. A Richmond caterpillar.–Virginia creeper.
16. Contentment.–Hearts-ease.
17. What a married man never has.–Batchelors buttons.
18. Sad beauties.–Bluebells.
19. Labyrinth.–Maize.

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