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Educational Games Tree Party

( Educational, Guessing, Memory )

In these days of nature study this game is especially appropriate. It may be used on any ground or strip of woodland where there is a variety of trees the game consisting in identifying the trees.

A tag or card is fastened on one or more trees of each variety within certain prescribed limits. These cards may be made as fanciful or as rustic as desired. Birch bark is very appropriate for them and for either birch bark or a conventional card a pretty element may be added by writing some appropriate quotation or verse after the Japanese custom. The main object of each card however is to bear a number. Each player is provided with a card or slip of paper containing a list of numbers corresponding to those on the trees. Thus if fifteen trees be numbered there should be fifteen numbers on each players card.

The players having been provided each with a card and pencil wander at will over the designated territory. Whenever a number is discovered on a tree the player if he knows the name of the tree writes it on his own card opposite the corresponding number. For most companies popular rather than botanical names of the trees are permissible. At a signal–a bell whistle horn or call–the players all assemble. The host or hostess then reads a correct list each player checking the card that he holds. The player wins who has the largest number of names correct.

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