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Call and Response Games Initials

( Call and Response, Guessing, Literature, Memory, Pen and Paper )

For this game it will be necessary to prepare slips of paper one for each player. At the head of the paper are written the initials of some person who will be present under this a series of questions which the player drawing the paper is to answer. The papers are put in a box or hat and drawn by the players or held in the hand with the initials concealed and drawn in that way. A certain time may be allowed if desired for the answering of the questions.

The answers must be written in each case immediately below the question must consist of only as many words as there are initials at the top of the sheet and the words of the answer must begin with the initials in their proper order. For example —

H. B. B.

1. To whom does this paper belong (Henry B. Brown.)
2. What is his character (Horrid but bearable.)
3. What kind of hair has he (Heavy burnished brown.)
4. What kind of eyes has he (Heavenly bright blue.)
5. What books does he prefer (Handsomely bound biographies.)
6. What animals does he prefer (Howling big bears.)
7. What is his chief occupation (Hammering bulky boxes.)
8. What do you surmise regarding his future (Hed better beware.)
9. What does he think of the world in general (Hes becoming bewildered.)

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