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Educational Games Observation

( Educational, Guessing, Memory )

This game is a test of visual memory. When played in a parlor all the players are seated except one who passes around a tray or a plate on which are from six to twenty objects all different. These may include such things as a key spool of thread pencil cracker piece of cake ink bottle napkin ring small vase etc. The more uniform the size and color of the objects the more difficult will be the test. The player who carries the tray will pass at the pace of an ordinary walk around the circle giving each player an opportunity to look at the objects only so long as they are passing before him. It is not allowable to look longer than this. The observer must then at once write down on a slip of paper the names of as many of the objects as he can remember. The player wins who writes correctly the longest list.

It is sometimes more convenient to have the articles on a table and the players all pass in a line before them.

IN THE SCHOOLROOM.–The objects should be placed on the teachers desk so shielded that pupils cannot see them except as they march past the desk. This they should do returning at once to their seats and writing the list. Used in this way the game may be made to correlate with nature study the objects to be observed being grasses shells leaves stones woods etc.

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