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( Educational, Guessing, Literature, Memory, Pen and Paper )

Each player is given a sheet of paper on which the following questions are written. The player wins who writes correct answers to the largest number of questions. This game may be worked up from the writings of any poet or author. Examples are given from Tennyson and Longfellow. The answers are appended here but in playing the game should be read by the host or hostess at the end.


1. What poem is it that sings down the vale –The Brook.
2. What is the poem whose father is king –The Princess.
3. The poem that honors a friend who is gone –In Memoriam.
4. The poem that rules in the spring –The May Queen.
5. The poem that lives in the depths of the sea –The Mermaid.
6. The poem once baked in a pie –The Blackbird.
7. The poem from which all its dwellers have gone –The Deserted House.
8. The poem that is a good-by –The Farewell.
9. The poem whose dress was tatters and rags –The Beggar Maid.
10. The poem that lets in light –The Window.
11. The poem in which we see castles in Spain –The Day Dream.
12. The poem that sees in the night –The Owl.


1. What poem is it that helps to shoe your horse –The Village Blacksmith.
2. The poem that needs an umbrella –The Rainy Day. An April Day.
3. The poem that carries you across –The Bridge.
4. The poem that finds you weary –The Day is Done.
5. The poem that keeps the time –The Old Clock on the Stairs.
6. The poem that belongs to little people –The Childrens Hour.

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