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Call and Response Games Hen Roost

( Call and Response, Educational, Literature, Memory, Pen and Paper )

Each of the players except one chooses a word which should be the name of some object and in answering any questions put to him in the game he must introduce this word which he has chosen into each answer. The odd player takes the place of questioner. He may ask one or more questions of each player as he sees fit the dialogue taking any turn he chooses the following being suggestive of the general tone of it —

The questioner says “I heard that you got into the hen roost yesterday. How did you get in ”
Answer “With the dictionary.”
To the next player “What did you find there ”
Answer “A horse.”
To the next player “What did you give him to eat ”
Answer “A sofa pillow ” etc.

Any player who laughs or who fails to answer promptly or correctly to the question must change places with the questioner. Forfeits may also be required if desired.

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