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Circle and Breakthrough Games Poison Snake

( Circle and Breakthrough, Tenpins, Tug of War, Wrestling )

The players join hands to form a circle. About fifteen Indian clubs or tenpins are placed in the center of the circle with spaces between them in which a player might step. The players then try by pushing or pulling their comrades by means of the clasped hands to make them knock over the clubs. Any player who overturns a club or who unclasps hands must at once leave the circle the club being replaced. The first players so leaving start a “scrub” circle players disqualified in the scrub circle start another in their turn etc. The player wins who is left in the original circle. Where several circles have been formed the several winners may form a circle at the close and play to determine the final winner.

This game has possibilities for much sport and skill. The agility with which players leap over or pass between the clubs is as important a part of the game as the pulling and pushing. The clubs should be sufficiently scattered to make it possible for a player to save himself in this way. Children may need to have this feature of the game pointed out to them.

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