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Circle and Breakthrough Games Circle Ball

( Circle and Breakthrough, Handball, Kickball, Team Wars and Battle, Volleyball )

The players stand in a circle with from three to five feet between each two. The game consists of merely tossing the ball rapidly from one player to another but not in regular order. The sport comes from the unexpectedness with which the ball may be thrown across the ring or reverse the direction in which it is circling the ring or in any other way taking the players unaware. A leader or teacher should see that this element of sport is put into the game or else it may be very dull and useless.

Any player failing to catch the ball should sit down the player winning who remains standing the longest.

When all are seated the same game may be played in a sitting position.

For a more advanced form of this game see Round Ball.

For very little children the spaces between players should be less and the tossing done in regular order from one player to the next working up gradually to the more varied modes of play suggested above. Several balls or bags may be used following each other in quick succession. The number of these may be increased until there is but one (or two) balls or bean bags less than the number of players.

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