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( Football, Kickball, Physical Contest, Team Wars and Battle )

GROUND.–The ground should be marked off with boundary lines which should inclose a space at least fifty feet long by twenty or twenty-five wide. For expert players a much larger ground is desirable. Ten feet from the rear boundary line at either end of the field another line is drawn on which the players line up.

PLAYERS.–The players are divided into two equal teams each of which selects a kicker for the ball. There should also be one leader who serves for the two teams. The kicker for each team stands five feet within his half of the ground measuring from the center and should be halfway between the two side boundary lines. The rest of the players for each team line up on the line previously designated for that purpose. The leader stands at one side of the field near a boundary line.

OBJECT.–The object of the game is to kick the ball over the heads of the opposing team.

START.–The leader puts the ball in play by throwing it so it will touch the ground between the two kickers. Both kickers at once run for the ball and try to kick it over the heads of their opponents.

RULES AND POINTS OF PLAY.–The players on the line-up may intercept the ball only with their hands. They may not grasp or kick the ball but merely bat it with the hands. At no time may they leave their places on the line.

SCORE.–A point is scored whenever a kicker succeeds in sending the ball beyond his opponents line-up. Players then exchange fields for the next round. Ten points win the game.

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