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Defense and Attack Games Crackabout

( Defense and Attack, Kickball, Running, Team Wars and Battle )

The players scatter over the playground trying to get as far away as possible from the one who has the ball. He throws it at one of the players trying to hit him with it at the same time calling “Crackabout ” All of the players make a rush for the ball the one who succeeds in getting it being the next thrower. The other players scatter immediately that one has secured it the ball man at once throwing at some other player naturally trying to hit the nearest. As soon as the players hear his call of “Crackabout ” they rush together again in the direction of the ball to try and secure it and so on indefinitely. The game is thus a rapid succession of running away from the ball man and scrimmages to secure the ball. It is one of the strenuous and popular games enjoyed by boys of almost any age and affords some lively exercise and sport in a few minutes.

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