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Basketball Games Captain Ball Rules

( Basketball, Handball, Kickball, Strategy, Team Wars and Battle, Volleyball )

Captain Ball is one of the best and most popular games for both children and adults boys and girls. It is one of the most useful forms of games for the period when pupils are beginning to enjoy organization as it calls for comparatively simple though pronounced team work.

There are many variations in Captain Ball the differences being in (1) the plan of laying out the ground and consequently the relative position of players (2) the points of play that score and (3) the rules restricting the players. While almost any rules of play or points of scoring may be used on almost any plan of ground certain methods of play seem to have grown out of and naturally to belong to certain diagrams. An umpire referee and scorer are desirable in any form of the game but not absolutely necessary except for match games.

See Captain Ball I II and others for the variations upon this game.

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