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Basketball Games War

( Basketball, Defense and Attack, Physical Contest, Running, Strategy, Team Wars and Battle )

Two concentric circles are drawn at each end of the playground the size of the circles depending on the number of players. When there are thirty on each side the diameter of the inner circle should be fifteen feet and that of the outer circle thirty feet. The inner circle is the fortress and the space between the two circles is the trench. Behind each trench is drawn a prison ten feet square. The rest of the floor is the battlefield. The players are divided into two teams which take possession of the two fortresses. Then one side advances to attack the fortress of the other side. The attacking party has a basket ball which represents ammunition. The object is to throw the ball in such a way as to strike within the opponents fortress. The assailants surround the trench and pass the ball among themselves until a favorable opportunity offers for a well-directed shot. By making this preliminary passing of the ball very rapid the enemy is confused as to the quarter from which the ball may be expected. If one of the assailing party enters the enemys trench he may be tagged and so become a prisoner being placed in the prison and therefore out of the play. If the shot (throw of the ball) when finally made for the enemys fortress be successful the assailing party scores one and all of its men who are held prisoners are set free.

The defending party during the attack stand within their trench or their fortress as they see fit and try to block the ball. If at any time the ball falls into their hands they immediately rush out in an attack on the enemys fortress at the opposite end of the ground and in transit may tag with the ball and so make prisoners of as many of the enemy as they can touch. The enemy must therefore when a ball lands within its opponents fortress flee immediately for the safety of its own fortress. The attacking en route may be done either by throwing the ball or by touching the opponent with the ball held in hand but it may only be done with the ball and not with the hand alone.

When the opposite fortress has been reached the attacking party tries to throw the ball within it and the game goes on as before. Members of the defending party may at any time go outside of their trench to get the ball but run great risk of being made prisoners in doing so by having the ball thrown from the enemy so as to hit them. When a ball is aimed for this purpose if the player at whom it is aimed touches or intercepts it in any way he is a prisoner. Of course he may dodge it.

Each single point that is made is called a battle and the side that wins the greater number of battles within the time limit wins the game.

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