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BeanBag Games Rolling Target

( BeanBag, Physical Contest, Team Wars and Battle )

This game consists in shooting or hurling through a rolling hoop a stick or gymnasium wand. The hoop may be from six inches to two feet in diameter. The smaller hoop is adapted only to expert players it is well to begin with a hoop the size of a barrel hoop.

Where there are numerous players they are divided into opposing teams which alternate in throwing at the target (hoop). These players take places at intervals of about five feet along one side of the playground each holding a spear (stick) to hurl at the hoop as it passes him. Another player stands at one end of the ground and sends the hoop rolling the full length of the space covered by the playing team its course should be from ten to twenty feet distant from the line-up of the team and parallel to the latter.

As the hoop passes him each player in turn hurls his spear at it. This is best done with the spear held horizontally at a height of about the middle of the hoop. Each spear that successfully goes through the hoop scores one point for its team. Each team has three rounds and then gives place to the opponents. The team first scoring one hundred points wins the game.

When there are not enough players to put into teams each player scores independently the first to make twenty points winning.

For obvious reasons of safety no player should be allowed on the side toward which the spears are hurled. This game may be played capitally with bean bags instead of sticks.

This is an adaptation of one of the hoop and pole games played by the North American Indians.

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