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Leapfrog Games Saddle The Nag

( Leapfrog, Physical Contest, Tag )

This is a game of leapfrog. The players are divided into equal parties with a chief for each. One of the chiefs stands with his back to a wall or fence and all of his party bend their backs as for leapfrog the first with his head against the chief and the others one behind the other in a line stretching out in front of him. Each player in the line braces his shoulder against the stooping player next in front or each may grasp the forward player around the waist. The heads should all be turned to the same side. One of the opposite side then leaps on the back of the player farthest from the wall and tries to make his way over the backs of the entire line to the chief to “crown” him that is to place his hand on his head. The players who are making “backs” try in every way without rising to a standing position to throw this player off and so prevent his crowning their chief. Each player of the “out” side tries in turn to crown the chief. Should they be unsuccessful the sides change. If one or more players succeed in crowning the chief each successful player has a second chance before the sides change. The side that succeeds in oftenest crowning its opponents chief wins the game. The limit of the game is usually placed at six trials for each side.

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