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Blindfolded Games Still Pond No More Moving

( Blindfolded, Call and Response, Guessing, Mystery, Tag )

One player is blindfolded the others scatter promiscuously. The blindfolded player is led to the center of the playground and asked —

“How many horses has your father in his stable ”
He replies “Three.”
“What color are they ”
“Black white and gray.”
“Turn around three times and catch whom you may.”

The blindfolded player is then spun around so as to confuse his sense of direction. He then says “Still pond no more moving ” whereupon the other players must stand still being allowed only three steps thereafter. The blindfolded player begins to grope for the others. When he catches one he must guess by touching the hair dress etc. whom he has caught. If he guesses correctly the player changes places with him. If incorrectly he must go on with his search. The players may resort to any reasonable devices for escaping the hands of the groping blind man such as stooping or dodging so long as they do not take more than three steps. When caught a player may try to disguise his identity by making himself shorter etc.

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