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Basketball Games Ball Tag

( Basketball, BeanBag, Defense and Attack, Handball, Kickball, Tag )

There are several forms of ball tag each quite distinctive and all interesting and making good games. A soft ball or bean bag should be used in all of these games or with older players a basket ball or other large comparatively light-weight ball.

The players scatter promiscuously. One player who is It tries to hit one of the other players with a ball or bean bag. Any player thus hit becomes It and must try to tag others in the same way. When a player fails to hit one for whom he aims the thrower must pick up his own ball or bag except in the schoolroom where the seats and desks interfere with this. There any adjacent player may pick up the ball and throw it back to the one who is It. Players may dodge in any way as by stooping jumping or the usual sideways movements.

Where there are many playing it is advisable to have two or three who take the part of thrower or It in which case there will be two or three balls or bean bags in play at the same time and the game is much more rapid.

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