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Acting and Dramatic Games Who Goes Round My Stone Wall

( Acting and Dramatic, Blindfolded, Call and Response, Circle and Breakthrough, Literature, Singing and Song, Tag )

There are two ways of playing this game. The one first described is better suited to schools and general playground conditions the second is quite distinct and may have better sport for parlor use.

The players stand in a circle numbering preferably twenty or less with a little space between each two players and not holding hands. They represent a sheepfold but later as each is chosen from the circle he takes the part of a sheep. One player is chosen to be Jacky Lingo who walks around outside of the circle. Another who is the shepherd or owner of the sheep stands in the center of the circle.

The owner says “Who goes round my stone wall ” The outside player answers “Nobody only little Jacky Lingo.”

“Pray dont steal any of my fat sheep.”

Jacky Lingo answers “Unless I take one-by-one two-by-two three-by-three Follow me ”

As Jacky Lingo says his last line he taps three different players on the back one for “one-by-one ” another for “two-by-two ” and a third for “three-by-three.” If a large number be playing he may tap two for each count instead of one making six in all. As the players are tapped they step out from the sheepfold and line up back of Jacky Lingo each one in the line placing his hands on the shoulders of the one next in front. This is continued until all the players are taken by Jacky Lingo who then runs off around the ground with them. The owner goes after them faces Jacky Lingo and says “Have you seen anything of my black sheep ”

“Yes I gave them a lot of bread and butter and sent them up there” (pointing to left or right).

“Then what have you got behind you ”

“Only a few poor black sheep.”

“Well let me see Heres my black sheep ”

The owner then tries to catch the sheep and this Jacky Lingo tries to prevent. Any sheep in the line may be touched by the owner and when so touched he steps out of the line and stands aside until all are caught.

VARIATION.–When played indoors or on the turf the game may be played by the owner being blindfolded and taking a position on hands and knees–“all fours.” The dialogue is the same as given above and the gathering in of the sheep by Jacky Lingo the same except that the players do not line up behind him. They simply stray over the ground when he takes them from the fold. When all are scattered in this way they begin to cry “Baa-a baa-a ” and the owner still on all fours and blinded tries to catch them. The first one caught becomes shepherd the next ti

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