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Basketball Games Ball Tag

( Basketball, BeanBag, Handball, Kickball, Tag )

This is a form of ball tag. In it each player chooses a home or corner as in Puss in the Corner or Home Tag. When played out of doors trees may be used for this purpose in a gymnasium pillars or different pieces of apparatus in the schoolroom the corners of the room the front and rear corner desks the teachers desk the radiator or any other objective points. The players who are so stationed beckon to each other to exchange places and as they run from one place to another the one who is It tries to hit them with the ball. Any one so hit changes places with the one who is It.

As in all ball-tag games either a ball or bean bag may be used. If played in the schoolroom a light gas ball should be used elsewhere anything from a light-weight hand ball to a basket ball would be suitable. Hard balls should be avoided.

Where there are many playing it is advisable to have two or three who take the part of thrower or TAGR (It) in which case there will be two or three balls or bean bags in play at the same time and the game is made more rapid.

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