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Bluffing Games Hunt The Slipper

( Bluffing, Choreographed, Hide and Seek, Tag )

All of the players but one sit in a circle with the feet drawn up and knees raised so that a slipper may be passed from hand to hand of each player under his knees. Where both boys and girls are playing it is desirable to have the girls alternate as much as possible with the boys as the slipper is more readily hidden under their skirts. The players pass the slipper or bean bag around the circle under the knees the object being on their part to evade the vigilance of the odd player who runs around on the outside of the circle trying to touch the person who holds the slipper. Many devices may be resorted to for deceiving the hunter such as appearing to pass the slipper when it is not in ones hands or holding it for quite a while as though the hands are idle although it is not considered good sport to do this for very long or often. The players will use every means of tantalizing the hunter for instance when he is at a safe distance they will hold the slipper up with a shout or even throw it to some other person in the circle or tap the floor with it. When the hunter succeeds in catching the player with the slipper he changes places with that player.

When the circle of players is very large the odd player may take his place in the center instead of outside the circle.

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