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Acting and Dramatic Games Railroad Train

( Acting and Dramatic, Choreographed, Running )

Each player is named for some object on a train such as engine baggage car dining car smokestack boiler cylinders wheels oil coal engineer porter conductor etc. One person is chosen to be the train master. He says in narrative form “We must hurry and make up a train to go to Boston. I will take Number One engine and some coal have the bell rope in order be sure that the cushions are brushed in the sleeping car ” etc. As he names these objects the player bearing each name runs to the starter and lines up behind him each putting his hands on the shoulders of the one in front the first one placing his on the shoulders of the starter. When all are on the train the starter gives the signal for going and the whole train moves out on its journey which at the discretion of the starter will be up hill over obstacles down hill from others around loops and curves etc. and he may under suitable circumstances find a convenient place for a grand “smash-up” at the end.

For large numbers there should be several starters starting several trains at once and these may race for a given point at the end.

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