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Basketball Games Round Ball

( Basketball, Circle and Breakthrough, Handball, Physical Contest, Relay Race )

This is an advanced form of Circle Ball there being two competing teams in a circle with wide spaces between.

The players form in a circle drop hands and step backward two paces to make an interval between players. They number off in twos. The first Number One is captain for the Ones and the first Number Two is captain for the Twos. Each captain has a ball. The game consists in throwing the ball around the circle the ball started by captain Number One going only to the players of that number and the ball started by captain Number Two to the players who bear his number.

The party wins whose ball first completes the circle five times. Each time that the captain receives the ball he calls out a number corresponding to the number of times the ball has circulated “One” for the first time “Two” for the second etc. The play should be rapid. Any player dropping the ball must pick it up and throw in regular form.

The game may be varied by requiring different methods of throwing and catching such as catching with the right hand left hand both hands etc. if a hand ball be used or throw from below above or pushing straight from the chest if a basket ball be used.

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