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Relay Race Games Indian Club Race

( Relay Race, Running, Tenpins )

The players are lined up in two or more single files the first players standing with toes on a starting line. A small circle is marked on the ground to the right of the first player in each file and just within the starting line. A series of six small crosses is also marked on the ground in front of each line at intervals of six feet apart continuing in the same direction as the file the first one being ten or fifteen feet from the starting line. An Indian club is placed on each cross. At a signal the first runners rush forward each picks up a club returns and places it (standing upright) within the small circle beside his starting place returns for another and so on until all six clubs are within the circle. The first players having finished pass to the rear of their respective lines which move up to the starting line.

At a signal the next row of players take each a club and return it to one of the crosses returning for another etc. until all are placed. The next runners return the clubs to the circle and so on until each player in the files has taken part. The file wins whose last player is first to get back to the starting line after placing the last club. In case of a tie the last three players from the tied files may be required to repeat the play.

This is one of the best games for training in self-control and a teacher should strictly enforce the rules. Any player starting over the line before the signal or standing with the foot beyond it before starting should go back and start over again. Whenever a club falls down or is not placed on the cross or in the circle the player who placed it must go back and stand it upright or it counts as a foul.

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