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Relay Race Games Circle Seat Relay

( Relay Race, Running )

This game starts with the players all seated and with an even number in each row. At a signal the last player in each row runs forward on the right-hand side of his seat runs around the front desk and returns on the left-hand side of his own row. As soon as he is seated he touches the player next in front on the shoulder which is a signal for this one to start. He runs in the same way. This is continued until the last player which in this case is the one sitting in the front seat has circled his desk and seated himself with hand upraised. The line wins whose front player first does this.

This is one of the best running games for the schoolroom. As in all such games seated pupils should strictly observe the rule of keeping their feet out of the aisles and under the desks.

Players must observe strictly the rule of running forward on the right-hand side and backward in the next aisle else there will be collisions.

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