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Baseball Games Ten Trips

( Baseball, Call and Response, Physical Contest, Relay Race, Team Wars and Battle, Tennis Ball )

This game is a competition between two or more teams and consists in rapid pitching and catching of a base or tennis ball by each team.

A team consists of three players two of whom stand a long throwing distance apart (thirty yards or more) with the third player (Number One) halfway between and on a line with them. Number One (the pitcher) starts the game on a signal by throwing the ball to one of the end players (Number Two) he throws it over the head of the pitcher to the opposite end player (Number Three) who throws it back again to Number Two and he makes the last throw sending it to the center player or pitcher Number One from whom it started. This is called one trip and the pitcher as he catches it calls out “One ” or “One trip ” and immediately begins the next round. The players standing in the following order 2 1 3 the order of the throwing is thus 1 2 3 2 1. Ten trips complete a game.

The competing teams stand in line sideways with the first team and the pitchers of all teams start at once on a signal. The team wins which first completes ten trips. Any number of teams may play at once.

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