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BeanBag Games Bean Bag And Basket Relay

( BeanBag, Marble Coin Pebble and Jack, Relay Race )

Each player is provided with a bean bag. A waste-paper basket or a box is placed on the floor near the blackboard in front of each aisle. In line horizontally with the forward edge of each front desk a chalk line is drawn on the floor at the end of each aisle which serves as a throwing line from which players throw their bean bags into the baskets.

The game is a competition of skill rather than of speed. At a signal from the teacher the first pupil in each row stands places his toe even with the throwing line and tosses his bean bag toward the basket. If the bag goes into the basket it scores five. Should it lodge on the edge of the basket it scores three. Should it fall outside there is no score.

As soon as these first players have thrown they return to their seats and the second row across the room steps forward and throws. This is continued until each player has thrown and the line wins which has the highest score. There should be one score keeper for the entire game who should draw a diagram on the board in which to write the score.

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