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BeanBag Games Home Run

( BeanBag, Handball, Kickball, Relay Race )

Arrange the players so that all the rows are filled and the same number in each row. No. 1 in each row has a bean bag or ball and at the word “Start ” stands and throws the bag or ball to No. 2 who also stands at the word “Start.” No. 2 throws it back to No. 1 and sits down while No. 1 throws the ball to No. 3 who stands up as soon as No. 2 is seated. No. 3 throws it back to No. 1 and the game continues until No. 1 has thrown the ball to the last player in the row. When No. 1 receives the ball from the last player he lays it down on the desk and runs to the seat of the last player while all players move up toward the front one seat. No. 2 in the row then becomes No. 1 and tosses the ball as his predecessor did. The game continues until the original No. 1 reaches his original place and calls “Home run ” thus scoring a point for his row and starts again. The row scoring the most points during fifteen minutes becomes the winner.

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