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Physical Contest Games Shuttle Relay

( Physical Contest, Relay Race, Running )

This form of relay race is especially adapted to large numbers in limited space. The action is more rapid than in the single relay although each runner runs only half as far.

The players are divided into two or more groups of equal numbers. Each group in turn is divided into two divisions which stand facing each other in single file with the leader of each division toeing a starting line. There should be from fifty to one hundred and fifty feet between the starting lines. At a signal the leaders on one side of the ground run forward but instead of touching a goal or terminal line at the opposite end of the ground the runner “touches off” (touches the outstretched hand of) the leader of the line facing him and passes at once away from the playing space. He should not line up again with his team.

The player thus touched dashes forward in his turn and touches the first player in the file facing him from which Number One came and passes off the game limits. Each player thus runs only in one direction instead of in two as in a single relay race. The team wins whose last player first dashes across the starting line opposite him.

As in the single relay race this may be played by handing a flag from one runner to the next instead of “touching off.” If a flag be used it should not be on a stick because of danger to the eyes.

This game may also be played with strict observance of athletic rules. The first runners should then be started with the signals “On your mark ” “Get set ” (or “Get ready “) and “Go ” There should be a judge to watch fouls for each division of each team and two judges at the finish. Fouls consist in starting over the line even with part of the foot before being touched off or in a failure to actually touch. The teams win in the order of finishing plus consideration of the number of fouls as described for the Potato Shuttle Relay.

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