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Physical Contest Games Potato Shuttle Relay

( Physical Contest, Relay Race, Running, Team Wars and Battle )

This first description is for an informal game. This is followed by rules for an athletic contest.

This is a form of potato race suitable for large numbers. The ground is marked off with two starting lines one at either end of the ground. At even intervals between these two lines a row of from four to ten spots should be clearly marked on the ground each row forming a line at right angles to the starting lines. There should be as many rows of this kind as there are teams.

On the first spot of each row should be placed a box basket or pail and in it three or more potatoes according to the number of spots. Stones may be used blocks of wood or any other uniform objects as a substitute for potatoes but the latter are best.

The players are divided into two or more equal groups and each group is subdivided as for a shuttle relay into two divisions. One division of each group stands in single file behind the starting line at one end of the ground the other division facing it in single file behind the opposite starting line. Between the two divisions should stretch the row of spots. The receptacle should be on the spot near the first runner.

At a signal the first runner of each team starts over the line takes a potato from the box places it on the first spot returns gets another potato places it on another spot and so on until all are placed he need not observe strictly the consecutive order of the spots. He then runs forward and touches the outstretched hand of the first runner in the opposite file of his team. This runner must pick up the potatoes and replace them in the box one at a time and then “touch off” the player facing him in the opposite file. Each player as he finishes his part (“touches off” the next runner) should leave the running space entirely and not line up with his team. The line nearest the box serves as a finish line and the team wins whose last runner having replaced the last potato is first to get over this line.

If a potato be dropped the runner must pick it up and replace it in the box or on the spot then make his play over again.

The above description is for a comparatively informal game. For a strict athletic contest for junior players the following rules are given —

The laying out of the grounds should be for four spots in each row two yards between each with the starting lines two yards back of the first and fourth spots. The receptacle is placed on the spot nearest the first runners and should be a pail basket box or can not over twenty-four inches in circumference at the opening. Three potatoes are used.

The first runners start on signals “On your marks ” “Get set ” (or “Get ready “) “Go ” There should be a judge to score fouls for each division of each team and two judges at the finish.

In case of a tie the tied teams play again.

Fouls consist in 1. Placing a potato otherwise than on the mark. 2. Leaving a potato outside the receptacle instead of in it whether it be dropped outside or bound out. 3. Starting over the line without the “touch off.” Any foul corrected before going on with the next step in the game does not score as a foul. Teams win in the order of finishing plus consideration of the record on fouls. Thus a team finishing fourth with no fouls would get first place if the teams finishing first second and third all had fouls.

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