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Baseball Games Circle Zigzag

( Baseball, Basketball, Choreographed, Circle and Breakthrough, Handball, Kickball, Physical Contest, Relay Race, Team Wars and Battle, Tennis Ball, Volleyball )

This is a game of zigzag ball (or bean bag) between concentric circles two balls being used going in opposite directions. The players stand in two concentric circles facing each other each circle numbered by twos. The first Number One in the outer circle and the first Number Two in the inner circle have each a ball. These are put in play at a signal the play consisting in throwing the balls backward and forward in a zigzag line from one circle to the other the Numbers One in the inner circle throwing to the Numbers One in the outer and Numbers Two in the inner to Numbers Two in the outer. The inner circle should start its ball to the right the outer circle should start its ball to the left. The Number One party or the Number Two party wins according to which first completes the circle three times.

If desired the Numbers One may each tie a handkerchief on one arm to distinguish them from the Numbers Two.

This game may be made more interesting and require much more alertness on the part of the players by putting more balls into play. This may be done by the starters starting a second ball around the circle as soon as the first has reached the third player. In this way several balls may be used at once.

As in all zigzag games each player should observe closely before the game begins from which player he is to catch the ball and to which player he is to throw. This will facilitate the rapidity of the play a feature on which much of the sport depends. For very young or unskilled players the action should be rather slow especially when the game is being learned.

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