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Baseball Games Line Zigzag I

( Baseball, Basketball, BeanBag, Choreographed, Handball, Kickball, Physical Contest, Relay Race, Team Wars and Battle, Tennis Ball, Volleyball )

The players are divided into two or more groups which compete against each other. Each group is divided into two ranks the players standing side by side with a distance of from two to five feet between each two players. The ranks of a group face each other with a distance of five feet between them. One rank should stand farther to the rear than its vis-a-vis so that each player is opposite a space instead of a player.

The first player in one rank of each group has a ball. At a given signal this is thrown to the first player in the opposite rank. This player throws it quickly to the second player of the first rank and so on in zigzag form to the end of the line where the ball is immediately sent back again in the same way to the front. The group which first gets its ball back to the head wins.

When players have had a little practice with one ball two or more should be used the starters starting the second ball down the line as soon as the first ball has reached the third player. Where several balls are used in this way the last player of the line must hold the balls until all are received before starting them on their return journey.

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